Who We Are

DreamSculpt is a publishing, media and consultancy firm with an integrated model that incorporates book brand development, author platform development, media production, publishing, and literary representation.

Why We do It

Before your book can find its audience you need to know the mindset of your target reader and what media and messaging would engage them in the most inviting and compelling way. Writing a book that is compelling and expresses the authentic voice and energy signature of the author is an art.

How We Do It

  • We review the “intellectual assets” of the author to discover the best positioning and the most distinct branding to create authentic audience engagement.
  • We help discover the most potent title and presentation of your book. We provide Customized Book/Brand Development, discovering your book’s unique “soul imprint” for greater success. We provide Niche Brand Consulting—we create the novelty factor, motif and style, and author development. We also provide manuscript development to help polish and enhance the final script, readying it for publishing.
  • We conceive and produce the optimal media tools such as teaser videos or M2ebookTM streaming media e-books. With a distinct and dazzling presentation you will be noticed in the crowded space of the web.
  • We publish your book both in digital and hard copies with the ability to distribute to retail bookstores through our partnership with Two Rivers Distribution (Ingram).
  • When your book has achieved a certain level of success, we have a world-class literary agency partner who can represent it to a larger publisher if we feel this is the right direction.


Chief Executive Officer – Lynn Kitchen

Lynn Kitchen has over 3 decades of experience as a financial executive and is one of the first women to own an investment brokerage company in California. Her focus on media inspired her to create Café Of Dreams – a video series of interviews with leading edge thinkers. Lynn is also Board Chair of Spirit Awakening Foundation, bringing leadership skills to incarcerated youth.

Chief Visionary Officer – I. Jared Rosen

Jared Rosen is an innovator in digital media and publishing. Through DreamSculpt he has published over 50 books and media enhanced e-books for many best selling authors and filmmakers. He is author of three books including the groundbreaking book The Flip. As a thought leader he has presented from TED X Malibu to McKinsey and Co., Sydney Australia.

Film and Television Development – Rhett Dunlap

After graduating from Columbia Law School, Rhett pursued a career into the entertainment industry working at Warner Bros., Paramount, and Disney. He went on to create his own production company working with clients  ranging from Google to recording artist Bonobo. From intellectual property protection and development  to screenwriting, directing, and producing Rhett understands all facets of the craft.

Developmental Editor – Judith Larson, PhD

Judith has more than a decade of experience conducting large social science field studies at Stanford University. She specializes in developmental editing of non-fiction books including scientific, personal development, and memoirs. She has a gracious collaborative style that retains the author’s voice, while at the same assuring the author’s works, citations and references are correctly formatted.

Art Director – Darlene Swanson

Darlene Swanson has been designing books and magazines for over 25 years and is a preferred provider for Lightning Source and Ingram/Spark. Working with DreamSculpt, she has designed over 50 cutting-edge media e-books as well as traditional print books.

Social Media Strategist – Tara Gladstone

Tara Gladstone holds a Masters degree in international public relations and has been a social media strategist for technology companies such as Ebay and Hewlett Packard as well publishing companies including Penguin and McGraw Hill. Tara is fluent in Spanish and Empathy.


Social Media / Video Production  – Jake Asner

Jake Asner has entertainment in his DNA. From photographing the cover of his grandfather’s best-selling book, The Grouchy Historian, to shooting rock videos to having his own aerial cinematography company—all while still in high school . . . Jake rocks! And is DreamSculpt’s social media manager and video editor.