A Six-week program on Zoom (open to 6 participants)

Led by Jared Rosen founder of DreamSculpt Books and Media


  • Your authentic voice and message
  • Your true audience
  • Your distinct book brand –titles and headlines
  • A synopsis for your book
  • Emotionally engaging messaging

WEEK ONE: Discover the Soul of Your Book

WEEK TWO: Positioning Strategy

WEEK THREE: Writing Your Synopsis

WEEK FOUR: Title and Subtitle

WEEK FIVE: Structure

WEEK SIX: Authentic Author Platform

Create a framework for your concept. Make your topic relevant and novel. Discover the storytelling that is most compelling. Become an influencer through your original ideas.


Join Us

Tuesday Group Starts Tuesday, January 12th

4pm PDT / 7pm

Thursday Group Starts Thursday, January 21st

4pm PDT / 7pm EDT

$495 USD

For information contact: All sessions will be recorded