Our approach to book teaser trailers is unique. Instead of making a pitch to buy a book, we create the most relevant eye-popping experience aimed to emotionally engage your audience. Our social media team will strategize how to propagate your video on social media and create a buzz long before your book is published.

Missing Motherhood
Leadership Alchemist
Keep Well
Powered by Truth
Smart Conflict
Vibrant Sage
Social Soul
A Train To Sedona
Missing Butterfly Feelings
Menopause Millionaire
Men Fight for Me
Turning Point Moments
Beneath the Full Moon
The Miracle of Chaos
The Inside Out Journey
Slinky Effect
The Waiting Room Book
Pet Soul Book
The Intelligence
Regenerative Purpose
Someone Else's Shoes
God Notes A
Bellwhether Effect
Oxford Rasputin
Sleeping with my shoes on
God Notes B
An End To Upside Down Thinking
77 Windows To The Soul
My Ray Of Light
Dying On Purpose
Poppin Past Forty
Seeds Of Potentiality